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The article has been subject to very little editing but the following points should also be noted:

1  Liming is recommended in January.  However in most cases it is not necessary and particularly if growing on chalky soil should be strictly avoided.

2  Planting out in Scotland from 3rd week in April is correct, but it is wrong to suggest this for the North of England. More realistic guidance is regularly considered to be:

South and Midlands, sow in October, plant out in March.

North, sow in early January, plant out early April.

Scotland, sow mid-February, plant out late April.

3  Chempak 5 appears to be no longer available, but Chempak 4 or any other high potash fertiliser can be used,


The article on Oasis describes how to maximise the use of a block of Oasis, related to the standard 2" sweet pea vase, then appropriate soaking, and may be similarly downloaded.


The article on Staging uses the variety "Dalesman" for illustration.  It is based on staging a 12 stem vase.  Many less experienced exhibitors will be less ambitious and restrict themseves to a 9 stem entry which is essentially similar except that the back row has 5 stems, with 4 at the front.  If no more than 7 stems are called for a single row is used.

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