My first year of growing Sweet Peas by Hannah Myers (aged 10)


I have always helped my Dad in the garden with the Sweet Peas, and some of the things I have done are helping him to remove tendrils and watering.

I have always really enjoyed helping him out and about a year ago, I decided to try and grow some myself. My Dad told me to start off with trying to grow the old fashioned type. So I looked through the seed catalogues and decided to grow 4 varieties, which were:

  • America

  • Cupani

  • Flora Norton

  • Dorothy Eckford

Having been shown what to do by my Dad, I did all the work myself, except putting the framework up for them to grow up, which my Dad did for me.

I entered my Peas at 2 shows before the National at Harlow Carr. I won the trophy for the best Sweet Pea exhibit at a local show, and won the 3 vase class at the Yorkshire Sweet Pea Championships. I also managed to enter the National at Harlow Carr and managed to win first prize. I am really pleased with what I won in my first year, and learnt a lot.

I am growing the Old Fashioned type again in 2016.

I like being in the garden, spending time taking care with the flowers. I am still going to carry on growing Sweet Peas and helping in the garden.

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