by Jim McDonald     (from 2016 Annual)


This is the report from the two locations.  At both sites we were able to carry out assessments on some quality grown plants. The comments from both teams were that they had been grown well, the sites were always neat and tidy and records had been kept for the weekly work carried out.

At SPARSHOLT we have to thank Jamie Cryer and Susanne French and students from the work experience class for producing the plants and flowers.  I was always made welcome when visiting and I always received prompt replies to my emails.

The seeds were sown in mid-November and planting out done in early April.  From the onset the plants were of a good quality.  The ground preparation was completed before Christmas and a month before planting a new irrigation system was installed to cater for the possibility of extreme hot days.  This was followed by applying Blood, Fish & Bone, Potassium Sulphate and Grow organic pellets.  The ground was completely covered with weed suppressant.  At the end of March support frames were erected and the plants, eight per clump were planted.

Mary and I put on a small stand at the Sparsholt Open Day on 16th May which created much interest.  The plants were looking good with flowers on one variety.  On the 16th June we visited the site and rogued all varieties.  The Team then did the assessment during the last week in June and first weeks in July.




George Priestley Award for Best Sweet Pea at Askham Bryan

No. 15 Lavender on Cream  -  Raiser Mr. C.A. Beane


F.C. Harriss Award for Best Sweet Pea at Sparsholt

No. 2  White  -  Raiser Mr. S. Harrod




No. 1       S. Harrod      White              Code XIV–ONE

Has exhibition potential.  Good placement.  Bold flowers.  One plant had pinking in the flowers – could grow out.  Not full of flowers at bottom of clumps for garden decoration.

Award  -  Exhibition 2. (A.M.)


No. 2       S. Harrod            White                    Code XIV-FEE  

Has exhibition qualities.  Good placement.  Not rolled wings.  Two excellent clumps.  Full of flowers to make a good garden decoration.  Vigorous.  Best all-round variety at the trial.

Award  -  Garden Decoration  3. (H.C.).    Exhibition  2. (A.M.)


No. 3        R. Place              Red                                  Code 13208

Acacia leaves.  Flowers weak for exhibition.  Had frill.  Both clumps full of flower.

Award  -  Garden Decoration  2. (A.M.).




No. 4        S. Harrod                     Cerise                 Code XIV-TOO

Colour – Salmon on white.  Only one clump to judge.  Plain standard and wings. Good placement.  Even colour.  Vigorous growth.

Award  -  Garden Decoration  2. (A.M.).


No. 5        S. Harrod       Orange pink       Code XIV-FOR

Vigorous growth.  Full of flower.  Some plain blooms.

Award  -  Garden Decoration  2. (A.M.).   Exhibition  3. (H.C.)


No. 6       S. Harrod        Orange pink          Code XIV-SIX

Similar in many ways to No. 5 with more frill in the petals.  Good placement of flowers.  Would go well cordon grown.  Had plenty of flowers all the way through the clumps.

Award  -  Garden Decoration  2.(A.M.)   Exhibition  3. (H.C.).


No. 7       C. McAleer      Cerise (Josie)     Code 6mO2

Colour – Magenta.  Nice colour.  Some malformation.  Wings and standard plain.  Plenty of flowers in both clumps.

Award  -  Garden Decoration  2. (A.M.).


No. 8        A. Hubbuck     Magenta pink    Code AAH1

Rogues in both clumps.  Not assessed.  Possible clean up and resubmit.


No. 9        P. Kerton         Pink                     Code 211

Colour  -  Lavender/pink?  Delicate colour, some bleaching.  Plenty of weight in the blooms and form was good.  Grown with shading has potential for exhibition.


No. 10      D. Fitton          Pink                     Code DRF/3

Rogues in clumps.  Not assessed.


No. 11      R. Parsons       Lavender            Code  09083

Rogues in both clumps.  Not assessed.


No. 12      R. Parsons       Lavender bi-colour        Code 13143

Not many bi-colours.  Big percentage mid to light blue.  With so many variations propose

 re-submit with correct colour.  Not assessed.


No. 13     S. Harrod          Mauve              Code XIV-EVN

Only one clump available.  Flowers weak and plain.  Not assessed.  Propose re-submit.


No. 14      S. Harrod         Maroon            Code XIV-ATE

Strong even colour.  Vigorous plants with potential for exhibition.  Good covering of flowers.

Award  -  Garden Decoration  3. (H.C.).   Exhibition  3. (H.C.).


No. 15      C.A. Beane          Lavender on cream       Code 29A2

Some virus on both clumps, not due to greenfly, possible pollen beetle.  One rogue, flowers small. No awards.  Recommend re-submit.

No. 16      A. Hubbuck         Lavender mauve         Code AH2

Only one clump due to poor germination.  Rogues in the clump.  Not assessed.


No. 17      D. Fitton              Dark maroon                Code DRF/1

Rogues in both clumps.  Not assessed.  The dark maroon in the clumps looked good.

Recommend re-submit.


No. 18      D. Fitton             Mauve                            Code DRF/2

Rogues in both clumps.  Not assessed.  Recommend reselect and re-submit.


No. 19     R. Parsons         Salmon pink                    Code 13176

Good colour. Flowers sparse on clumps.  Some plain standards and wings.  No awards.


No 20      S. Harrod           Salmon pink                    Code XIV-FYV

Two separate colour clumps.  One as stated (1 rogue), one mauve (true colour), not like any other colour grown in the trials.  Not assessed.  Propose re-submit correct colour.


No. 21     S. Harrod          Salmon cerise                  Code XIV-NYN

Colour – orange pink.  Striking colour.  Full of flower in both clumps.  Petals not a lot of frill.

Awards – Garden Decoration  2. (A.M.).   Exhibition  3. (H.C.).


No. 22     G. King             Mauve stripe on white     Code 13063

Not full of flower in clumps.  Has potential for exhibition.  A stripe with a different colour.  Similar form to Sir Jimmy Shand.    No awards.


No. 23     R. Place           Crimson stripe on white    Code 13216

Some variation in colour.  Had two rogues.  No awards.  Recommend re-submit when even colour.


No. 24     C. A. Beane        Orange stripe on white        Code PTJ064W

Full of flower on both clumps.  Would look good in borders and for flower arranging.  Petals a little plain for exhibition.

Award  -  Garden Decoration  2. (A.M.).


No. 25     C.A. Beane        Lavender stripe on white     Code PTJ064X

Acacia leaves.  True colour.  Ideal for floral art work.  One clump not as strong growing as the other.

Award  -  Garden Decoration  3. (H.C.)


No. 26     J. Reardon     Pale pink/pale mauve bicolour     Code A/1/6/06

Not assessed.  Too many roges in both clumps.  The flowers that were correct were more Grandiflora type, but nice combination.  Propose reselect and re-submit.


No. 27     P. Kerton       Maroon stripe           Code 196

Good colour and true.  Size of blooms not large enough for exhibition.  Too dainty.  Not suitable for garden decoration, would not stand out.  No awards.


ASKHAM  BRYAN  -  I would just like to record a big thank you to Aaron Hickman, his staff and the students who put in a tremendous lot of hard work to make these trials happen.

Cultivation – Seed was sown on the 16th October, 2014.  1litre long tom pots were used, 5 seeds sown to a pot.  The compost used was 70% peat, 30% loam.  Added to this mixture EXEMPTA (soil insecticide) and Osmocote fertilizer (3 to 4 months).  They were grown on in a polytunnel and planted out 21st April, 2015.  This was slightly later than planned due to availability of the students.                                      

Soil preparation used was chicken pellets and Fish, Blood & Bone worked into a raised bed.  After planting out the sweet peas were given a feed of liquid seaweed.  A weekly foliar feed using Miracle Grow until flowering commenced, then changed to Maxicrop with potash also delivered as a foliar feed.

No sign of aphids were seen during the trial.  The only pest problem encountered was the floristry lecturer and students eyeing up the flowers for their classes!!!

The plants were supported on chicken wire frames and 7ft bamboo canes.  The plants were in 2 clumps and allowed to grow naturally up the frames.

Judging  -  The judging was carried out on the 30th June, 7th July with the final judging done on the 14th July.  Of the 27 entries, 8 contained rogues and were not judged.  The judging team, seen in the 2015 NSPS Annual, was split into two teams with a team leader for each.  The students attended one of the judgings and were allocated to one of the teams.  During judging several visitors as observers attended with permission of the college.  It was agreed next year that some of the judging panel will help with the cultivation e.g. planting out.




No. 1        S. Harrod        White                       Code XIV-ONE

Award  -  Exhibition 3. (H.C.).


No. 2        S. Harrod         White                      Code XIV-FEE

Award  -  Exhbition 3. (H.C.).    Garden Decoration 3. (H.C.)


No. 3        R. Place           Red                         Code 13208

Colour – Crimson.    Acacia  leaf.  Good stems.  No award.


No. 4        S. Harrod        Cerise                      Code XIV-TOO

Award  -  Exhibition 3. (H.C.).   Garden Decoration 3. (H.C.)


No. 5        S. Harrod        Orange pink                        Code XIV-FOR

No award.


No. 6        S. Harrod        Orange pink                        Code XIV-SIX

Nice colour.  Re-submit.  No award


No. 7        C. McAleer      Magenta                 Code 6m02

No award.


No. 8        A. Hubbuck      Magenta pink         Code AAH1

Colour – Pale pink/mauve    Rogues

No. 9        P. Kerton            Pink                      Code 211

Colour – Lilac pink.    No award.


No. 10       D. Fitton            Pink                      Code DRF/3

Colour – Mid blue     Rogues


No. 11       R. Parsons         Lavender              Code 09083

Colour – Cream      Acacia leaf      Rogues


No. 12       R. Parsons        Lavender               Code 13143

Bi-colour.   Colour Pale blue   Rogues        Re-select


No. 13       S. Harrod         Mauve                   Code XIV-EVN

No award.


No. 14       S. Harrod        Maroon                  Code XIV-ATE

No award.


No. 15       C.A. Beane       Lavender on cream     Code 29A2

Awards  Exhibition 3. (H.C.).  Garden Decoration 2 (A.M.)   Best sweet pea on trial


No. 16       A. Hubbuck       Lavender/mauve  Code AH2

1 rogue.  Award - Exhibition 3 (H.C.)


No. 17       D. Fitton           Dark maroon        Code DRF/1

Rogues.  Mixed


No. 18       D. Fitton          Mauve                    Code DRF/2

Colour – pink and purple.  Rogues


No. 19       R. Parsons       Salmon pink           Code 13176

1 rogue cream.  Re-submit.  No award


No. 20       S. Harrod        Salmon pink                        Code XIV-FYV

Re-submit.   Award - Garden Decoration  3 (H.C.)


No. 21       S. Harrod       Salmon cerise          Code XIV-NYN

2 maroon.  Rogues


No. 22       G. King           Mauve stripe on white   Code 13063

No award.


No. 23       R. Place         Maroon stripe on white   Code 13216

Acacia leaf.  1 rogue blue flake


No. 24       C.A. Beane    Orange stripe on white    Code PTJ064W

Award – Garden Decoration 2. (A.M.)

No. 25     C.A. Beane      Lavender stripe on white    Code PTJO64X

Award – Garden Decoration 2. (A.M.).   Best acacia leaf in trial.


No. 26       J. Reardon    Pink/mauve bi-colour           Code A/1/6/06



No. 27       P. Kerton      Maroon stripe           Code 196

1 rogue maroon solid colour.  No award.















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