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If you want to grow better Sweet Peas you should consider joining the National Sweet Pea Society.  Here are some of the benefits of becoming a member:

  • You will receive, free, all the Society’s publications, which include:
  • A copy of the guide to growing, “Enjoy Sweet Peas”.
  • The Society’s Annual, published in April, which contains a vast amount of information and absorbing articles contributed by experts and ordinary growers.
  • Bulletins, normally issued in February and November, on seasonal topics including aspects of culture and discussion on varieties, etc.
  • Details of all the Society’s Exhibitions and competitive show classes.
  • The Classification List, containing details of all commercially available Spencer. Old Fashioned, Modern Grandiflora, Semi Grandiflora varieties, and also Novelties.
  • You will be eligible to show at the Society's National Shows and always welcomed and helped if you exhibit.
  • You will become friend to a host of members, some world famous, many just keen and enthusiastic growers, but all sincerely pleased to meet you at the various Meetings, Lectures and Shows.  Likewise you will be able to turn to experts for helpful advice and a ready response to your queries.

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  • To pay by PAYPAL or bank card click “Pay Now” Button
  • Or, send a cheque and your name and address to the Membership Secretary.


Membership Secretary, Mr. T.Atherton

13, Fern Bank, Hartwood Park

Chorley, Lancs, PR6 7BH



If you are a UK taxpayer you can boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate.  Please click on Gift Aid button in left margin if this applies to you, then print form and complete it.  It can then be posted or scanned and sent by email to the Membership Secretary.


New members rates: 

A charge of 50p is added for using PayPal.  Deduct this to pay by cheque.

The annual membership rates for new members include a £3 joining fee.


 Single Member

Senior Citizen Member   

Junior Member   

Joint Family Members 

 Overseas Member – Europe  inc ROI

 Overseas Member - Rest of World









Continuing members rates:

A charge of 50p is added for using PayPal.  Deduct this to pay by cheque.

Single Member

Senior Citizen Member 

Junior Member 

Joint Family Members 

Overseas Members – Europe  inc ROI

Overseas - Rest of World  








Specialist members rates:

A charge of 50p is added for using PayPal. Deduct this to pay by cheque.

Vice President (New)

Vice President (Renewal)

Senior Citizen Vice President (New)

Senior Citizen Vice President (Renewal)

Joint Family Vice Presidents (New)

Joint Family Vice Presidents  (Renewal)







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