Holford Medal

The Holford Medal is awarded to the best stand by a group of amateurs at all the RHS shows, including Chelsea.

We are very pleased to announce that for 2019 this was awarded to our Society.

It should have been presented at a ceremony on the 5th April.

A very sincere vote of thanks is due to all our members, led by Tom Atherton, who gave flowers and/or assistance for the stand at the 2019 RHS Chatsworth Show.


The images and comments at the fot of the page relate to the earlier RHS Malvern Show.






NSPS ‘Fun virtual show 2020’

I have the pleasure in now providing a schedule, set of rules and registration form for our ‘Fun virtual show 2020’  ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED.


Obviously, this is a new and untried format, taking place in unprecedented times


The committee hope that all NSPS members (and non-members) will appreciate that it would have been impossible to use a normal schedule and what can finally be revealed has gone through much deliberation and revision, with the aim to be both as comprehensive, easy and inclusive to enter and administer as possible; there are also two classes for non-members, so please encourage those yet to be part of the NSPS to have a go


Hopefully you will all appreciate that the main aim is to allow everyone to be able to showcase our favourite flower in a friendly, somewhat competitive manner, in the fairest way possible


Please take time to study the schedule and most importantly the rules. As there is plenty of time it may be worth having some trial runs in advance. I am always available on email for any enquiries, trial attempts etc! If you are not the most IT confident person, then hopefully you have a younger (or in some cases, older!) friend or relative who could assist. If there is one thing that has been proved during lockdown, that is how much having a good broadband connection to access the internet is a bonus


In a season where our normal activities have ceased, some have disappointingly decided not to renew subscriptions. Also, other forms of income (interest on deposits, donations and sales at events for example) are either well down or nil this year. However, many expenses (publications, postage, non-refundable deposits on items pre-ordered for shows and events etc) have still to be paid and so we are looking at a deficit on the year


So, apart from entering this fun show, we hope that many of us growers will be finding imaginative ways locally to spread the love of Sweet Peas. Please keep a diary, take photos and share your efforts and experiences with your two Editors. Caroline for the 2021 Annual caroline_a_m_ball@yahoo.co.uk and me for the Autumn 2020 Bulletin  graeme@graemehollingdale.com (don’t worry we co-ordinate with each other on copy). Please also remember that the Autumn Bulletin is planned to be available as an emailed pdf file for those who contacted membership secretary Julia julia.beardmore@blueyonder.co.uk to authorise it!


Graeme (Show Manager NSPS Fun Virtual Show 2020)




The 2021 Annual needs you!

With no shows and trials we will have a big void in the 2021 Annual without additional input.  You can help by writing about and/or photographing the different and imaginative ways you are enjoying your Sweet Peas and other Lathyrus in this strangest of years.  Please take part and send your contributions to caroline_a_m_ball@yahoo.co.uk


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